„HOME-Start: The selection of suitable sites, whose development and the ideal planning concept are the first step and a decisive step towards in the perfect HOME.“

About us

We make the highest claim on

  • extraordinary Modern, creative and well-thought-out architecture
  • perfect execution and best materials
  • innovative, trend-setting technology
  • exclusive and modern design.

Gräfelfing is considered to be the most attractive community in the surrounding area of Munich. The very high residential value is based on the historical single-family house development on a generous site with Land with old trees and many green areas. Old community centres from the 1930s (some around 1900) and modern architecture are in harmony in Gräfelfing and ensure an extremely attractive image and living feeling. Gräfelfing offers a perfect infrastructure with a direct connection to the city of Munich.

As a company based in Gräfelfing, the high quality of living in the community within the context of community development is very important for us. The resulting sustainable value and the individualityof our single-family houses are paramount.

A team of experienced architects, engineers and contractors from the region supports us in our individual projects.